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Things related to the first (never completed) game that started it all - Control of Destiny 1.

Storyline (revised second draft)

Major Characters (in order of apperance)

Minor Characters of Note

  • Gman Pinky: Commander in Chief of the Flying Islands of Jasonia
  • dStryker: Chief of Staff and economic guru of the FIoJ
  • Stodlum: Leader of The Emperors
  • Myrin: A member of The Emperors involved in an Imperial assassination plot
  • Lord Conglacio: Audentior noble trying to end the war
  • Evan von Cristoph: Audentior noble with ties to the Truppen des Todes

Other documents

  • Stuffage2 - Early programming notes. EXTREMELY ancient, dating back before the RPGMaker games
  • CoD1 New Stuffage - Thoughts about the rewrite of the script
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