Eve of Destruction

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The Eve of Destruction is the name for the Imperial attack on Micras on July 11th of the 1058th year of the Triad alliance. Despite the gloomy name it actually lasted for several weeks; the name is thought to have been given by a micron doomsday cult prophecying the end of the world. And indeed for most of the war it looked like the entire population of micras was going to be blotted out.

The Traid government's defense consisted mainly of seven fleets of aircraft consisting of a mix of shielded ships, heavy bombers, long range attack platforms, and transports. Each was lead by a Star Admiral, the highest ranking in the air corpse of the Triad. The first fleet was considered the most powerful and the seventh the weakest. A single fleet was usually sucessful in the invasion or occupation of a small coutry.

The main Imperial battlecruiser was the Revengence, an aircraft with unsurpassed firepower and a shielding system that no Triad weapon could breach. Any battle with the Revengence evetually lead to the Triad forces taking a severe beating and falling back in retreat.

The War

Major battles of the Eve of Destruction:

  • Battle of Jiden - the Revengence's first strike on Micras. The sixth fleet stalled the Imperials long enough for the third fleet to arrive. Both fleets were utterly destroyed to the last ship in a prolonged attempt to breach the Revengence's shields. The fifth fleet arrived to cover escaping trasports being assaulted by Imperial bombers; many of which escaped. Jiden was leveled by the Revengence.
  • Battle of Elivia - the second fleet succeeded in destroying many smaller imperials ships before retreating before the Revengence. The seventh fleet was charged in protecting evacuees, but the Star Adrimal in charge launched an attack on the main armada against orders from the Traid military. The Revengence turned from the destruction of the city to demolish most of the seventh fleet, and then finished off Elivia.
  • Strike over Melsarsis - a secondary Imperial attack group was charged with demolishing Melsarsis and the Plains of Creation, but the fourth fleet incercepted the group and destroyed most of it with minimal losses.
  • Retreat from Ansaris - the first and third fleets defended Ansaris for a time, but retreated to Sanarian upon the arrival of the Revengence. Ansaris feel shortly afterward.
  • Battle of Sanarian - the first, second, and fourth fleets defended the Micron Empire's capital city in this prolonged battle. Most of the Imperial armada was destroyed but the Revengence was still invulnable to attack. The battered remains of the broken fleets were forced to retreat and Sanarian destroyed.
  • Battle of Ptia - the fifth fleet, lead by Kel'Len and the [[Defiance], along with the newly organized ninth fleet created a shield wall that halted the Revengence until a sabotage mission finally took down the mighty craft's shields. It was battered hard and forced to retreat back into space, ending the war.

The Aftermath

Despite the considerable destruction in the fighting, the true terror came months later when a virus designed by a surviving human country was released accidentaly into the ecosystem. It mutated with a form of wildgrass and started the micrograss plague. Micron and elven populations were decimated quickly in the following years and a number of smaller wars were fought by survivors over the remains of the Triad alliance.

In the end the survivors of the micron and elven races took magical steps to protect them from the plague by shielding themselves in structures for thousands of years. Sai'Kar Lum'Eth lead one such group into the City of the Sun. The humans, though immune to the plague, continued to fight over the remaining resources.

With the micron popluation gone, all objects made of Hypon dissentegrated back into their base materials and the vast majority of the structures of the old world fell apart. Aka'Kas Ran'Tar, a historian, recorded many secrets of the Triad alliance and traveled to the Apollo Cavern, a (supposedly) cursed place where time flows but nothing ages. He placed the concept boxes there where they would not degrade from lack of Hypon. The journey lead to his death however and he died, the last surviving micron outside of magical stasis.

The humans that survived the Eve of Destruction were bombed mostly back to the stone age with the vast amount of their technology destroyed and knowledge lost. The oldest cursed the microns and elves and taught coming generations nothing of the old world. As far as human records goes, the human race's history began then.

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