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Micras in Rotation

Micras is the planet of micronations where the vast majorty of everything related to the Control of Destiny Series takes place. It is the fourth planet in the Atos System and the one that most readily supports life.

The Micronational Cartography Society was charged with maintaining a map of the planet. However, at some point they lost their focus and caved to poltical agendas, and as such their maps are no longer being recognized by the Soloralwiki.


Far too long to detail here. See the Ultimate Timeline for the flow of events (though the dates are now quite screwed up)


The climate of Micras could be summed up to be "extremely habitable." Successful nations cover almost every part of the planet. Even the polar regions are less hostile than on Earth, though regions to the far far poles (such as the land occupied by Hyperborea) are entirely frozen.

Other Names for Micras

  • Microworld (or, the Microworld) - the first known name for the world, recorded when the first micronationalists began to wonder about the world at large.
  • Micron - the name originally coined by Jasonia that was popular for a time. The name Micras directly follows from Micron.
  • Fnord - a poll in the MCS as to what the name of the world should be lead to this. Micron was there, but Fnord was also there as a joke choice. However, this joke choice soon became popular. Harvey Steffke told Scott Alexander, then head of the MCS, that if the world was named Fnord than he would have truely failed, everything he and the Flying Islands of Jasonia stood for was dead. He planned on writing a story on how the islands were blasting into space forever and trying to get them removed from the map entirely. The next day, the new name was announced: Micras.
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