Sealed Gate

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Sealed Gate is an incomplete novel written by Harvey Steffke, which described the creation of the Time Distortionists and some of the most essential lore in Soloralism.

Sealed Gate can be found at Bill Trihus's website, here.

The story takes place in the (fictional) Micron empire that Soloralists say existed far before the creation of any of the micronations we know today. At the height of its power before a great battle devastated the empire, the multiracial city of Ptia was experimenting with time energy in an attempt to make time travel possible named the Temporal Relocator Project. However, they did not quite understand as much as they thought, and their experiments caused a massive explosion that destroyed the topmost levels of their laboratory and sent a shockwave of ash and dust for miles. No survivors were found, the experiments were discontinued, and the lab boarded up.

But the scientists were not killed. Their tinkering had accidentally opened up an unstable pathway straight to the center of the universe where energy ebbs and flows throughout the cosmos. And there they discovered a terrible truth…

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